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Mould Department
Die-Casting Dept.
Quality Control Dept.
Die-casting machine       Dept.
Electroplating Dept.
Main Plating Equipment:
  1. Automatic Recycle Hanging Equipment
  2. Automatic Barrel Equipment
  3. Industry Purge Water System
  4. Exhaust Treatment System
  5. Waste Water Treatment
  6. Experimentation

The material of plating treatment:

  Zinc Alloy¡BCopper alloys
  The types of surface treatment:  
  • Barrel plating system:  
    ¡BNickel¡BSn-Co Alloy¡BFilm Processing mode
  • Rack plating system:
    Copper¡BBright Nickel¡BSatin Nickel¡BBright Chrome¡BSatin Chrome¡BTin-Nickel (Dark Gray)
  The permits of waste water, air pollution and waste clearance: