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Die-casting machine       Dept.
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The department of Die-casting machine development:
  1. Die-casting machine is designed and applied the worldwide patent by Angelcast Enterprise co., Ltd.
  2. The rapid-speed production. The highest recycle time per minute is 35.
  3. Time of molding switch: 30 minutes (load-in/Out).
  4. The Quality of production is stable base on fully hydraulic design.
  5. Die-casting machine is easy maintenance, cost reduction and reduce the down time.
  6. It suits for various mold sizes as for interchangeable clamping system; clients can transfer their purchase order easily.
  7. Lead time of customized Die-casting machine: 1 month
  8. It still continues to develop another Die size depends on client’s needs and has the types of M2¡BM5 machines so far.

Die-Casting Machine

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