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Our History and Development
  • 2003- Angelcast was established in July. The company is major in Die-casting

    production for small zinc alloy precision parts and Die mold is four slides

    design. Mold design is diversity and suit for various types of mold size. The

    advantages of Angelcast Die-casting are the rapid-speed productionBstable

    quality and cost reduction.

  • 2003- Capital: 10 million

    Employees: 95

    Die Cast machine: 8 sets (Launch in the Taiwan’s industry).

  • 2004- ISO 9001 certified.

  • 2005- The department of Die-casting mold design has set up.

  • 2007- Capital: 50 million

    Employees: 120

    Die Cast machine: 17 sets

    The department of processed has set up.

  • 2008- Multi slide Die-casting Machine has certified by Europe CE (Communate Europpene).

  • 2009 – Angelcast Die-casting Machine has launch in the market of Germany, Japan,
    Korea, China etc.

  • 2010- ISO 9001:2008 certified

  • 2012- ISO 14001:2004 qualified

  • 2013- Angelcast has expand its site of factory.

    Capital: 100 million

    Employees: 150

    Workshop: 2000acr (6,600m2)

    Die casting Machines: 28 sets

    Departments: Molding Design section, Production section, QC section,

    Post-Processing section, start-up new Barrel & Rack Plating section

  • 2014- Our overseas branch factory was found with the name of Tech-casting Co.,Ltd in Dongguang China

Angelcast information

  • Establish: in July, 2003
  • Capital: 100 million
  • The site of Angelcast factory: 6600 m2
  • Director: Hsieh-Xun Lu
  • Employees: 150
  • Amount of Die-casting machine: 28 sets
  • Company & Factory:
    No. 20, Lane 402, Sec. 2, Nankang Road.,
    LuChu Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan. R.O.C
  • Tel: (factory)+886-(0)3-3526599
  • Fax:(factory)+886-(0)3-3526543

ISO 9001Quality Certificate Qualify

Patent Apply
@ Quality system: ISO 9001certificated on May 2004. @@

The Republic of China issued patent right of no. M246077

Mainland China issued practical new type patent right of no. 200420118273.8

A patent certificated for Zinc or Aluminum Alloy of Injection Machine.
@ @@ @


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