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Our running business

Business scopes:

  • Design and manufacture of Die-Casting precision parts in high-speed production
  • Design and manufacture of Zinc alloy Die-Casting mold
  • Design manufacture of Automated clamping apparatus
  • To produce Die casting machine and machinery parts
  • Design and manufacture of pneumatic system and hydraulic clamping apparatus
  • Automatic barrel plating and automatic rack plating .
  The patent of Angelcast multi-slide Die-Casting Machine (M2)@
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The advantages of Angelcast multi-slide Die-casting Machine as follow:

  1. Angelcast multi-slide Die-casting Machine is suit for any kinds of mold, without re-processed or adjustmen.
  2. It is easy to transfer the production from another factory for clients.
  3. The Lead time of Die-casting Machine’s production is one month.
  4. It is easy to maintain and control.
  5. It increases production capacity and reduces cost for client.

It is very grateful that our clients keep a business partnership with Angelcast, hence the company stays in the top of Die-casting industry. Angelcast has involved with various of products, such as CD-ROM head assy, optical-electronic business, fiber connector, computer parts, mobile phone aerial, switch module, vehicles parts, camera parts, RF connector etc.

In 2013, the company adds a plating process to supply “one-stop” service for clients and provides high quality after-sale service. Still, the company focuses on the development of business and molding in order to reach the satisfaction of clients’ need.

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